I wanted to write today to share my positive experiences with Council Rock’s Coalition for Healthy Youth’s (CRCHY) Parenting Academy. I have 4 boys in the school district from the high school on down to elementary school and I have often wondered about the classes made available at the Chancellor St. School. I started with the Staying Connected to your Teen class.  The class follows several hypothetical families and compares and contrasts the parent’s interactions with their children.  There is information to be gained from each of the examples.  Possibly even more helpful than the course material is the conversation that develops with the other parents in the class. It is always good to hear what other parents are experiencing and how they have dealt with those issues. I learned more ways to get my children engaged and invested in the family.

The next class I took was the Parent to Parent class.  I wanted to spend more time on the specific difficulties parents are experiencing in raising their children. The course is presented in video format by a lecturer who had a child with serious substance abuse issues.  After his experiences with his daughter, he found that he had much to share with other parents. Internet safety was also addressed in this class and as those issues are changing regularly, I found the discussion quite valuable.

I have currently gone on to take the 7 Steps to Highly Effective Familiescourse. It is based on the book by Stephen Covey.  I couldn’t be more pleased with the resources available to us in the Parenting Academy. In each class I have taken I have found things that could be improved, ideas I had never thought of, and even things that my husband and I do right (!). I recommend these courses to anyone who has a family and a few extra hours a week.

Barbara Stollsteimer
Newtown, PA


Dr.Bradley presentation Attendee (Oct. 17, 2013)

I thought his presentation was wonderful. He has a funny and warm way of presenting information that can be tough for parents to hear. His approach provided insights that reached everyone in the audience, with real life experiences that we could all relate. The statistical information also provided a strong background to support his assertions. We often hear people saying that children do not come with a manual under their arms when they are born, should not be our responsibility as parents to look for all the books that would help us develop the best theories to raise our own children. Even for a seasoned parent like me, or for a new parent, I felt there was plenty of new information or strategies to learn from his presentation.

Silvia Lucci