DFC Grantee

The Council Rock Coalition for Healthy Youth (CRCHY) is a Drug-Free Communities (DFC) grantee.  The DFC is a Federal grant program that provides funding to community-based coalitions that organize to prevent youth substance use.  Since the passage of the DFC Act in 1997, the DFC Program has funded more than 2,000 coalitions and currently mobilizes nearly 9,000 community volunteers across the country. The philosophy behind the DFC Program is that local drug problems require local solutions.  With a small Federal investment, the DFC Program doubles the amount of funding through the DFC Program’s match requirement, to address youth substance use.  Recent evaluation data indicate that where DFC dollars are invested, youth substance use is lower.  Over the life of the DFC Program, youth living in DFC communities have experienced reductions in alcohol, tobacco, and marijuana use. For more information about the DFC program visit their website HERE.

DFC grant photo Oct 2014

In October of 2014, CRCHY received their second $625,000 DFC grant!  Read more HERE.


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